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Here is the big news we’ve been finalizing for a couple weeks…. is partnering with the Phoenix Air China Hotel Inner Mongolia to present:

Friday afternoons from 3-5 pm, beginning Nov 15th
Phoenix Air China Hotel
2nd floor Sunshine Coffee House

No agenda. Just come enjoy afternoon tea and meet the other foreigners who reside in this great city. Bring a friend. Bring all your coworkers. We know it can be lonely here and some of you teach in the outskirts of the city where you don’t have much interaction. We hope this can offer a time and place where you can connect.
If the time doesn’t work for you, we hope to have one event a month in the evening, in place of the afternoon event.
Although not required, advance reservations are recommended. Knowing how many are coming will help the kitchen to prepare for us, since they are opening especially to host us.
So here is what you do. Look over the delicious menu below. Choose which price is in your budget, then choose set menu A or B for that price. Then leave us a comment here with your choice and number in your party. Pretty easy, right? If you are hesitant to leave your info here, you can send it via text message to 18747977365.
The Phoenix Air China Hotel Inner Mongolia is located just north of the bridge (gu lou/lijiao qiao) on the east side of the road. The Chinese name is 国航大厦 guo hang da sha.

I’m excited! See you next week!

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