What a day!

  1. If you have public heating, it probably turned off today. Hope you’re staying warm.
  2. There was an earthquake in Alxa today, but apparently could be felt in Hohhot. We didn’t feel it at our house. Who felt it?   Here’s an article about it.

  3. THE WIND! Oh my, the wind. I m glad today that my primary role is that of stay-at-home-mom so that I didn’t have to get out.
  4. I think most of the north side of the city was without water for most of the day. (Ours still hasn’t turned back on). I know near Gong Da, Meng Zhuan, Tuan Jie Xiao Qu, and Ming Du Feng Jing Xiao Qu were all affected, and I assume the areas between them were too. I’ve heard reports of power being out for part of the day too.
  5. I’m slowly working on getting all the broken links fixed and getting the photos to display. By the end of the day we should also have a new forum up. (Here’s to hoping that this one will display correctly)!
  6. The air quality number for today is the highest (worst) I’ve ever seen. If you have an air purifier, today would be a good day to put it to use.

That’s all the news I know. What’s happening in your part of the city?

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