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If you knew the extent of the absence of my technical knowledge, you would think I was crazy for deciding to do this website in the first place.  However, here we are!  I hope this page can be a resource for foreigners hoping to connect with other foreigners and a simple forum for those pressing questions like, “where can I buy…”  or “what’s the deal with….”
Until we get a proper forum up, just post any questions or comments as  a comment and we (and hopefully our readers!) will respond.

Enjoy our site and enjoy your time in Hohhot!

Just a few ground rules:
Posts with profanity will be deleted.
We all experience differing degrees of culture shock/culture stress at different points of our stay here and we need safe environments for expressing ourselves.  However, any post that we deem to be derogatory to this country or to Chinese people will be deleted.
Any post with content that is sexually explicit or of an adult nature will be deleted.

Please contact us at weibaili@hohhotinfo.com for information about advertising on

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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