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I feel like there are two main news events from the weekend.

First, traffic was even more horrendous than normal yesterday, that is, if you were trying to go anywhere that involved driving on or crossing Xin Hua. It took James one hour each way to go somewhere that normally take about 20 minutes. (Also 72 RMB instead of about 35).

Both taxi drivers told James there was some kind of meeting of government leaders so they closed Xinhua during the duration of the meetings.

The other big news is that it’s COLD. Some are saying it’s the coldest winter in 30 years. I’m not sure if that’s true, but below are two articles about the cold.
This one is pictures from all around northern China this winter.


This one is about six items to make the cold more bearable.


What advice do you have about staying warm? How do you handle Hohhot’s long, cold winters? Do you think this really is the coldest winter in 30 years?



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  1. Guanghua says:

    Hi, Jill.
    I’ve been studying/living/working in Hohhot for several years. I am from Northeast Inner Mongolia where it is much more crazily cold than Hohhot.

    I don’t think you feel cold in the room because the heating systems here are generally good. Sometimes it is hot in room when in winter.

    My way of keeping war and avoiding the traffic congestion is cycling to work. I am wearing less than most people and I spend less time on the way. What is more important, I take this as the opportunity for work-out.

    You might worry about the air quality when cycling. But my idea is that the benefit of exercising(especially in winter) outweighs the harms of bad air quality.

    This is my personal opinion, as well as a reminder for you to read my email to you(sent from 18748491929@126.com). 😀

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