View of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Today

Today three things happened simultaneously to result in the photos below.
First, it was the clearest day we’ve had in a long time. (Thanks to the rain, I suppose).
Second, both me and handsome hubs were home with not too many pressing things to do.
And third, the door to the roof of our apartment was unlocked. By “unlocked” I mean that the lock had been previously broken my someone else.

Anyway, here’s what Hohhot looked like today from just east of city center, 27 floors up.


Looking northeast:

hohhot northeast 2

You can see Inner Mongolia Museum in the center and Wanda just to the right.
Hohhot northeast

Looking southeast:
hohhot south east

Looking south:

Bolton Plaza under construction on left, International Mongolia Medicine Hospital just to the left of center


hohhot south south east

Looking west:
hohhot west 2

Hohhot west

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  1. bucktooth says:

    I like the last picture best. It is really picturesque!

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