Used Furniture Markets

Here is an older post about some good finds at local used furniture markets, but it was recently requested that I add maps to the locations, so I hope this will be helpful in finding what you need. And, I’ve learned of at least one more since the previous post so it is included below as well.

I know of a few used furniture stores.  Descriptions, names, and locations are below.
1.  Name unknown and not marked with signage:  This one is located on Xhe Li Mu street just north (about 200 meters) of Gong Da’s west gate. It’s in a hutong/ping fang/courtyard style building and you have to wander in and out of each courtyard to find what you’re looking for.
Best finds:  small size dining room table for 60 RMB, large nice, solid wood dining table for 320

used furniture one


2.  旧货市场  jiu huo shi chang “Old goods market”  This is located on the north side of wu ta si xi jie (Wu Ta Si West Road).  It’s in a large warehouse style building with stall after stall of used items, in some cases stacked to the ceiling. They have furniture, commercial/industrial kitchens items, appliances, some new furniture, and items to random to list individually.
Best finds:   Commercial/Industrial Oven for 800 RMB
New 3-door wardrobe/closet/柜子 with many finishes/colors available:  300 RMB (2 doors for 200, 4 doors for 400)

used market 2
3.  旧家具店  jiu jia ju dian “Old Furniture Shop”  This is a very small shop located just west of the intersection of E’erduosi Road and Zhao Wu Da South Road on the south side of the street.  (red sign)  The selection is large considering the size of the shop, but definitely doesn’t have as much as the others, but they seemed to have a good selection of TVs.  The owner is really nice.
Best find:   Standing coat rack for 30 RMB

used market 3
4. 鑫春新旧货市场 xin chun xin jiu huo shi chang



This one is located on Zhan Dong Lu on the west side of the road, just south of the railroad tracks. This is a large lot with a warehouse of goods on the north side that is labeled something to the effect of “smoke free goods” but I doubt that. The south side of the lot has more individual stalls.

Best finds: a metal rack/shelf (like the ones sold on the bottom floor of guo mao for 150-300) for 40 RMB, a standing electric fan in like-new condition for 80 RMB.

And in the category of scariest finds, this item (pictured below) was sitting on one of the tables for sale.



Here are others that mapped that I have no personal experience with, but if you try them leave us a comment and let us know how they are. (F and G are mentioned above)

other markets

What are your best used store purchases? Leave us a comment.

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