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If you’ve been to City Mall (Mo Er Cheng) recently you might have seen the “Toys R Us coming soon” display. I’m always curious when a new foreign/international brand comes to Hohhot. Although I love life here, it’s not like we’re known as being a test-market for foreign brands entering the Chinese market. Also, in a country that has pulled off fake city governments, fake Bank of China, these fakes, and where 40% of online commerce deals in fakes, I’m not eager to believe it’s real.

Hohhot itself has had its share of fakes in the past. I know of at least one fake Starbucks location (two if the one down by Madison Patio ever opened up). Hohhot had a fake Ikea in 2002/2003. Last week or so there was also an advertisement in one of the Hohhot expat groups on wechat for a teacher at a Waldorf School. Again, I could be wrong, but my best guess is that if you ask the Waldorf School accrediting agency (or whatever their formal alliance is) if they have a school in Hohhot……I think they’re going to say no. The ad also mentioned the need to contact the principal, which isn’t how Waldorf Schools work. And I’m veering away from the topic of this post now, but their foundation of religious principles, lack of testing, and emphasis on social transformation don’t seem like ideas that would be well-received here. Which is again why my best guess is that it is not a true Waldorf School.

Anyway, because I’m such a phenomenal journalist (please laugh) I’m trying to get the true story: I wrote an email to the Toys R Us corporate office to ask if our newly arriving Toy R Us is legit.

I need you to vote in the comments with your guess:

  1. They won’t even write back.
  2. They’ll write back that we are indeed being graced with the presence of Toys R Us.
  3. They’ll write back that it’s as fake as all the other things linked to above.


  1. weibaili says:

    Sorry! I forgot to write that using the store locator function on the toys r us website pulls up nothing for Hohhot, or Beijing, or Shanghai.

  2. Matthew says:

    Definitely fake! False promises of international brands are a daily thing. They might be substituted with a fake, far off-brand failed attempt at it. 🙂

  3. Preston Decker says:

    Interesting! I’ll vote for #2 based upon this article:

    Although it doesn’t mention Hohhot specifically..l

  4. weibaili says:

    Well, I found the Chinese version of the corporate site and they do have locations in China, but so far no mention of Inner Mongolia.

    When I first heard I was thinking 85% chance it’s fake. I’m moving more to the 50/50 range.

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