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If your wechat moments is anything like mine every other post today is about the air quality in Hohhot today. It’s pretty scary out there, folks.

HH pollution 15-11-29

I have no idea about cause of such unusually high levels of pollution. Ideas, facts, theories, anyone?
Leave us a comment. Until then…wear your masks and keep your air filters running.

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  1. Preston says:

    We read about this from over here in the States. Glad to hear things are better now. My own personal theory is that a lot of the pollution comes from just southwest of the city (just inside the little ‘outer loop’ that goes around Hohhot on your map). Not sure if you’ve ever been down there, but it is a foul-smelling, industrial waste-land. If the wind’s blowing from the southwest there always seems to be a chemical ‘twang’ to the air where we live in Yuquan District.

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