this week’s market finds

I don’t plan to make this a habit EVERY week, unless I keep finding awesomeness each time I go shopping. Here are my finds from this week. I’d also like to throw in a disclaimer that although I’ve been here off and on since 2002, we have only recently returned from being away for nine months. Some of these things may be common now as nine months is plenty of time for things to change.

Nacho cheese flavored Doritos. These were found at a Leicoo on Zhelimu North Road near the gate of Hu He Jia Di housing complex. I checked at a few other Leicoo and they had Doritos also, but they were something like “night market chicken wings” flavor. And that just doesn’t satisfy a pregnant lady’s craving in the same way.

The Meng Hui supermarket on Hailar east road (north side of the road just west of the north/south railroad tracks) is the largest supermarket closest to my house, but it doesn’t have any Western products (peanut butter, cheese, pasta, etc…the things you can now find at many stores). So, you can imagine my surprise when I found a shelf of Reese’s candy. I personally am a salty snack person, not a sweet snack person, but the availability of Reese’s could sway me to the other side 🙂

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