this week’s market finds

Here’s another edition of what you might and might not want to buy around town.


A large box of French chocolate truffles for 99 RMB. I didn’t try them, but they seemed legit so it seems like a pretty good deal.

Located at Beijing Hualian across from Runyu (Xing An and Hailar)


Small Jif peanut butter for 47 RMB. I will personally be angry with you if you buy this for this price. We can’t let the stores think this is the market value for this product. You can get 2-3 times as much for 35 RMB at Dong Wa Yao.

Also located at Beijing Hualian across from Runyu (Xing An and Hailar) but I saw a similar size and price at the Weiduoli in the basement of City Mall.
And it seems avocados are becoming a staple at many of the larger fruit markets. However, this week, the one near our home on the corner of Zhan Dong Lu and Ai Min Jie has them for 5 RMB each. Join us for guacamole later this week. 🙂


What interesting, cool, tasty, or overpriced items have you seen this week?



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