Things I’ve Never Said while living in Hohhot

I try to keep a positive outlook on life here, and I hope you’ll see this post falling in line with that. Sometimes though, you just need a little humor to make it through. I’ve been here off and on for 13 1/2 years, and here’s the list Handsome Husband and I came up with of things we have NEVER said:

  1. I wish there were less sauce on this pizza.
  2. (at any hospital in the city) Oh great, look! There’s hand soap in the bathroom.


    Something is missing in this hand washing station, yes?

  3. I wish the heating was warmer on the upper floors of City Mall (mo er cheng). [I mean, seriously, how does it get so much hotter with each higher floor!]
  4. I love it when someone smokes in the elevator!
  5. I’m so glad [insert any government process] was so easy!
  6. I wish more strangers would touch, pick up, or photograph my children.


    on a trip to Kangbashi

  7. Yes, I would love to buy that product because you broadcasted its features in a megaphone as I walked by in the supermarket
  8. Just what I was craving…shrimp flavored potato chips. (or durian, or other flavors we find odd)
  9. In the same vein as the one above, “I’m so glad this is bean paste filling and not chocolate, taro and not blueberry!” [But at least now I’m not surprised by it]
  10. I’m so glad there are so many housing development flyers stuffed into my bike basket. (Although I have said, “Wow, that old lady has seriously good aim to get all those people whizzing by her.”)
  11. It’s so convenient that this giant building with 12 doors has exactly one that is unlocked.
  12. Sure, Mr. Airport Taxi Driver. I’ll pay you 100 RMB to take me into the city.
  13. I wish I could find an apartment to rent that had more strobe or multi colored lights.
  14. This hotel’s carpeted flooring is so clean.
  15. This is the softest mattress I’ve ever slept on!


Leave us a comment with the phrases we’ve left out. Two notable exclusions: the cold weather and the traffic. Reasons for exclusions: it’s not always cold. Summer is coming. And the traffic hasn’t always been this bad, so in my early days I never complained about it.

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  1. Yao says:

    Hi, I am local girl, I just come back from UK, I want to make some foreigner friends, if you still at Hohhot and also want to make some local friends, please email me.

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