the second best use of a ping pong ball


Alternately titled: my husband is a genius.
If you live in a building where your bathroom never stinks, I’m truly happy for you. For the rest of us, you know the stink I mean. I don’t mean an identifiable, reasonable stink…I mean a stink that is wafting from the drain and its source is clearly not anyone residing in your home. I’m clearly no engineer and I can offer no explanation of why, but I (or rather, my brilliant husband) can offer a solution. Brace yourselves, it will set up back a few kuai……it’s a ping pong ball.
Here’s how it works: when you have a smelly drain, the stink can be remedied by placing a ping pong ball in the drain hole. If it works perfectly, it will float up when water needs to go down the drain and fall back in to the hole and make a smell barrier when it falls back in place over the hole. (see picture of our bathroom and ping pong ball usage below) From our experience, it has eliminated about 90% of the odor that used to make that particular bathroom almost unbearable to use. However, it doesn’t always float up and down exactly as planned.
If it’s a drain you rarely use, you can just buy a rubber stopper and plug it completely. I also have faint recollections of an engineer who used to live here who made a stopper than could be opened and closed for stink-stopping purposes. If you know how to do that, leave a comment for the rest of us.
*This post is dedicated to the three wonderful ladies I had lunch with last weekend. That’s right, four foreign ladies had lunch together and discussed bathroom plumbing issues. I hope you all find a solution for your bathroom/kitchen woes.

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