the day my mom arrived in Hohhot

My mom and four friends from the USA have been visiting us here in the Blue City. Our friends have actually already returned and my mom will return next week. Having visitors is fun, and exhausting.

My husband went to Beijing to pick them up. This left me at home with my two small girls for 3 days. I really was doing what I thought was a stellar job of holding down the fort. Then, due to bad weather, our friends missed a flight and were rerouted which meant their flight arrived12 hours later than normal. This meant their scheduled arrival back to HH would be pushed back (more time caring for the girls by myself). Then, our friend arrived but NOT ONE PIECE of their luggage arrived with them. Now, they need to stay in Beijing until they can track it down. (Even more time with the girls. I think a day and half or two days more).

But, I’m still doing ok. We are having all kinds of fun with cardboard boxes. Everyone is well-fed and happy and no one is peeing on the floor. I even had my oldest make a “Welcome Mimi!” sign to display for the arrival. We had dressed in our cutest clothes on arrival day one, but Mimi and Daddy were no shows. So, we dressed in our second cutest clothes on the next day and waited again.

The morning had gone rather well. The little one had taken her nap on schedule. Everyone was still happy and well-fed. Until the two moments prior to Mimi and Daddy waking in the door. The older one chose this moment to pee her pants in the middle of the living room. I whisked her up and sent her to the bathroom while I cleaned the floor to prevent the little one from playing in the mess. The little one is crying because she wants to play in the wet mess. The big one has finished her job in her pants and on the bath mat and is jumping in the mess when……in walk Mimi and Daddy. Seriously.

Hi Mom! Haven’t seen you in eight months! This is how I take care of your grandkids on the other side of the world…Nothing to worry about here! One plays in her pee and the other cries when I prevent her from playing in pee. Welcome to our life in Hohhot!

Not the welcome I had planned or anticipated, but this is real life. I hope those of you who are far from loved ones this year find some joy and humor in Hohhot life!

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