Sweet finds at the market today

I generally do the grocery shopping for my family on Monday, and whenever possible, I try to do it as close to home as possible. We’ve lived in our new location for about a month, but so far I’m quite pleased with our selection.

I know bacon is getting more and more common and easier to find, but finding 1.5 kg of it for 38 RMB was the best deal I’ve ever found.


Today they were also opening a new fruit supermarket on our corner.

Those, my friends, are avocados! I know you can find them sporadically here and there, but if they really do keep offering them just at the gate of my complex, I may never leave. And I’ll invite you all over for some guacamole.
They will set you back about 10-15 RMB each. 38 RMB/jin Please come buy some so they’ll keep ordering more.

Our family will be eating well this week. What’s on the menu at your house?

OH! I wish I drank soda/pop/coke (whatever your region calls it) because then I would be excited that a small store at the gate of our complex has A&W root beet, cherry Dr. Pepper, and a few other harder-to-find varieties. And there’s a mounted elk head on the wall of the store.

Have you found any random imports in random locations? Leave us a comment about what and where.

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