Starbucks, or is it?


I saw this “beauty” the other day in a housing complex on the north second ring road. In case you aren’t sensing my sarcasm, this is a picture of another fake Starbucks. (I saw another one near the Madison Patio housing complex on the far south side). The name is at least spelled correctly and the color scheme is the same, but no. Not a real Starbucks.

Here is the link to Starbucks’ official site with the locations they list for Hohhot. The one pictured above, surprisingly not on the list. 🙂

The official locations are:

  • Wanda
  • Moercheng (Victory City Mall)
  • Hailiang
  • Minzu (although the website lists this location as closed. not sure if it’s not business hours or if its operations are closed)


I also hope this post is helpful to the number of you who stumble across this website each month searching for “Starbucks Hohhot.” Perhaps I finally have the content you’re looking for?


What other fakes have you seen in town? Leave us a comment.


  1. Preston says:

    I’m pretty sure there are indeed 4 open Starbucks in Hohhot. The Hailiang area has two right across the street from each other. I’m guessing the one on the far side of the road from the Hailiang mall is the ‘Minzu’ location–this is my go-to Starbucks, and it was open when I last went two weeks ago.

    • weibaili says:

      Thanks. I thought it was open too, but I haven’t been down to that part of town recently and you never know with how quickly things change here.

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