Speak like a local


One great thing about living in Hohhot is that most of Hohhot’s residents speak very standard Mandarin. However, those who don’t really don’t. Below is a handy cartoon with some key phrases/words to get you started in your study of Hohhot’s local dialect (as if standard Mandarin or perhaps Mongolian weren’t enough).

First, some explanation.  Standard Mandarin is referred to in Chinese as pu tong hua 普通话.  Most areas of China also have a local dialect which can be called fang yan 方言. In our city they often call the dialect hu shi hua 呼市话 or cidi hua 此地话. Below are some specific examples of hu shi hua.  Read, enjoy, and learn to use them like a pro!  Leave a comment about the ones you use or hear used most frequently.

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