So you live in Inner Mongolia, do you ride horses?

One thing I like about living in Hohhot is that there are some similarities between it and my hometown of Oklahoma Cit, OK. Mostly, I mean there are similar perceptions about what kid of city it is from people who don’t live there.
For example, when you live in OKC you know that all modern conveniences are accessible and it’s a great place. However, when you tell someone from New York City that you’re from OKC they ask questions like, “WOW! Do you guys still ride horses? How about paved roads? and so on.

Life here is similar. Hohhot has come a long way in terms of development in the 13 years I’ve been coming in and out. But still when you tell someone from other larger parts of China that you live in Hohhot, they also ask about riding horses, living in a yurt, and access to modern conveniences.

This video and the questions in print below were posted to a popular wechat public account “mengguquan.” You can follow them for Mongolian culture, events, and news.

I think the video is hilarious and the text after the video answers all those silly questions that people from here often get asked.

The title is something like “Inner Mongolia is like this, don’t ask again, ok?”

Anyway, even if you can’t appreciate the humor in the answers, at least enjoy the video.

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