Reading Joy Book Club

A great new place is available for those of you with kids! The Reading Joy Bookclub has original language English books, picture books, graded readers, pop-up books, audio books, and, of course, selections in Chinese as well!

The library is available on Saturday, Sunday mornings, Tuesday mornings or by appointment.

Enjoy reading your books in the library, in a classroom, or check them out and take them home. Upstairs is a lounge for the parents where you can enjoy tea or coffee while your child looks at the books downstairs.

A year-long membership can be purchased for 700 RMB/family or half a year membership for 500 RMB/family with a deposit of 300 RMB. (That’s right, siblings can share one membership)!


Reading Joy Bookclub



The library is located on the north second ring road in the California Luxury Mansion development.

Here’s the address and other information in Chinese:



Contact: Helen 18647159615



  1. Ailiya says:

    Hi! This is awesome. I’m from Hohhot but I’m currently attending the University of Michigan. I have a bunch of English books that I want to give away, and now I finally have a place to donate to

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