Rain, rain


I know that all this rain is really good for the grasslands and for those in the rural countryside.  However, as a mom living in the city it’s frustrating that out of the short time each year that the weather is nice for kids to play outside, it seems a majority of those days have been rainy.
A local friend told us yesterday he heard on the news this year’s rainfall is five times the normal.  My husband thinks that statement is high, but based on my memory of how little it rained previously, it seems plausible to me.
I tried to do some brief research today.  Wikipedia tells me the normal average rainfall is 398 mm.  So far, I can’t find how much has fallen this year, but I did find an article which said this year’s rainfall has doubled last year.  That’s not five times, but it’s a lot of rain.

The article is linked below.

What are your thoughts?  Is the rain a much-needed relief for the desertification of the province or an unwelcomed inconvenience?

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