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We got a lunchtime visit from the police today. Don’t worry, we didn’t do anything wrong and we’re not in trouble. We had heard that part of the visa law changes/updates from September was to try to make things more uniform across all of China. Part of that uniformity is that the local police stations are supposed to check in with all their foreign residents (twice a year, I think). Anyway, we’ve been at our current location 15 months and this was our first visit. The police were kind, professional, and mostly efficient. We had to provide copies of  our passports and visas for all family members and they filled in a basic form with all our registration information. They had copies of our original registration that we turned in last year with them.
If you’re not registered, you probably should be. If you are, expect your local station to be checking in sometime soon. And it helped that we had copies of our documents on hand so stop by a copy shop next time you’re out.
Did anyone else get their visit yet?

ALSO….SEE YOU TOMORROW AT THE FIRST EXPAT EXCHANGE!!!  Don’t forget to leave a comment on any post with your menu preference.

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