Our Big News

Someone congratulate us, please!


This is my husband holding our not-so-easy to attain business license! We’ve been moving toward this goal generally since late 2012 and fervently since March. The process (thus far) has taken us 6 months, piles of paperwork, and at least 25 trips to various government offices. Our license has been granted but we still have a few more steps to have the entire process complete. (bank transfer, changing visas, etc)

The craziest part of the process was having to authenticate our passports……..twice! But other than the fees associated with that (about 3000 RMB each time) and the investment, they registration fees were low, less than 1000 RMB total.

Anyway, Caide Consulting is now open for business and we have our fancy BLUE stamp now to prove it. (Red stamp for Chinese companies, blue stamp for foreign invested companies).

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information about registering a business in Hohhot.



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  2. Preston says:

    Congrats guys, I’m sure it’s a great feeling to be (almost) done with that whole process!

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