one of the most surprising things I’ve ever seen in Hohhot


I’ve lived here off and on since 2002. I love being surprised by this city and the crazy things it has to offer. A Sunday afternoon trip to Jenny’s did not disappoint. This was parked outside:
If you’re wondering why this was surprising to me it’s because motorcycles powered by anything other than electricity aren’t that common, but motorcycles with license plates from the state of Texas are…rare.
I have four theories about this bike.
1. The owner is a foreigner who shipped his/her bike here.
2. The owner is Chinese who lived abroad and had his/her bike shipped here when he/she returned. (I’ll be honest…I’m thinking this option would have to be a male. I would really be surprised if a Chinese lady was the owner).
3. The owner is a foreigner who put some old plates on the bike to be funny.
4. The owner is Chinese who used to live abroad and put an old plate on the bike to be funny.

Are there other theories? Is the owner a reader of this website who would like to confess your coolness???

How about you?  What is the strangest/most unusual thing you have seen in Hohhot recently?  You’ll get extra shout-outs on the website if you send a picture of your unusual siting to 

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