no Friday’s Foreigner

Alternately titled: a stream of unfortunate events

No interview today for a number of reasons.

  1. We just got back from Hong Kong last night and I didn’t plan ahead to have one prepared in advance.
  2. A few people I’ve sent the questions to haven’t sent their answers back yet.
  3. When we came home last night, we came home to no gas. Everything I had planned to have ready for our dinner, I couldn’t cook and we didn’t have heat. (Aside: we apparently need some serious help in regulating our self-regulating floor heating. We blew through about 400 kuai with the temp set really low while we were gone!) ugh.
  4. We also hadn’t realized that we were down to just a few sips of water in our big bottles of water. It was too late to call for new ones so Helpful Husband went outo buy some water. He poured it into the big bottle so it would fit nicely on our dispenser. He placed it nicely on the dispenser and we went to bed. I woke up this morning to the sound of water dripping, and quickly discovered a dining room covered in water. (And discovered with sock-clad feet, of course) ugh. ugh.
  5. This afternoon my oldest yelled from the bathroom, “Mom, the floor is all wet in here!” It was. And the hallway. And the spare bedroom. And into the dining room. The drain for the washing machine had clogged and each cycle was just spilling more water onto the floor while I unknowingly fed a baby in the other room. ugh. ugh. ugh. Interestingly enough, the load of laundry that was in the washer was all my towels so we essentially had nothing to clean up the gallons (liters) of water on the floor. Also interestingly, the last time our water dispenser broke, our washer overflowed on the same day.
  6. After spending most spare moments of the day prepping the first ten week session of homeschool for my daughter, my computer crashed and I lost a good portion of the work.

Here’s the crazy thing: This is not even close to our worst day in China. But, it is one I’m ready to put to rest and start again tomorrow.



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