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Hohhot Shengyue International Airport got its official approval this week. The location and size of the airport have been approved and the preparations to begin the process of moving the airport have just begun. The article also said Hohhot’s new airport will become Beijing’s primary alternative airport. It will have a rating or grade of “4F” which is apparently some kind of rating for what kind of aircraft and flights can be serviced. 4F is a high rating, with only airports in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai Pudong having that rating.The article did not say when it would be finished, and I’m assuming we are still years out. The current airport didn’t open until 2007 so it’s not that old. If you’ve been to Hohhot’s Planning Exhibition Hall then you know part of the long-range plan of the city is to become one large jurisdictional conglomerate with Erdos and Baotou. The article refers to these cities as well so I’m wondering if this new large airport is part of the process of becoming that new mega-city. *This assumption and prediction is my own, not stated in the linked article.*

You can read the article in its original language here. And if you’re on wecat/weixin you can subscribe to Hohhot’s daily news feed by adding hushixinwen.

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