More Useful Phone Numbers

And here’s another round of public services numbers you may find useful. Here is the link to the original language post.

顺丰快递                          Shun Feng Express Mail                                           400-811-1111
自来水抢修电话        Tap Water Rush Repair                                            6924113
自来水投诉                       Tap Water Complaints                                             96266
煤气抢修电话         Gas (mei qi) Rush Repair                                         4964434
供电局客服                        Power Supply Bureau Service                                  95598
呼市消费者协会           Hohhot Consumer Association                                 5959315
内蒙古消费者协会       Inner Mongolia Consumer Association                        6956315
内蒙古有线电视服务热线    Inner Mongolia Cable Television Service Hotline          6920337
呼市有线电视服务热线     Hohhot Cable Television Service Hotline                     6931939
物价举报中心         Price Reporting Center                                             12358
工商投诉电话                     Industry and Commerce Complaints                         12315
供热投诉热线                     Public Heating Complaint Hotline                              12319
市长热线                           Office of the Mayor Hotline                                       12345
法律咨询                           Legal Advice                                                           12348
内蒙古妇幼保健院急诊室     Inner Mongolia Maternal and Child Health HospitalEmergency Room                                                                                           6968719
内蒙古医院急诊室          Inner Mongolia Hospital Emergency Room                  4962584
中蒙医院急诊室                 Chinese and Mongolian Medicine Hospital                                      Emergency Room                                                      6929974
内蒙古附院急诊室            Inner Mongolia Medical College Affiliated                                      Hospital Emergency Room                                         6963871
呼市纪委、监察局         Hohhot Commission for Discipline Inspection

and Supervision Bureau                                            4606659

火车票订票                         Train Ticket Reservations and Purchases                    12306
车辆违章查询                      Vehicle Inquiries                                                      12580
配钥匙修开锁                      Locksmith                                                                8945110
婚庆                                 Wedding*                                                                0471-5981776/15848151957
搬家                                  Moving Company                                                     6980900
上下水疏通修理/暖气安装/      Plumbing Repair/Heating Installation/Bathroom

卫生间改造                          Remodeling                                                             13847112251

*I’m not sure if this is a wedding planner or to register a marriage or a wedding banquet location

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