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Avocados: I often hear foreigners complain about these being difficult to find in the city and I agree. I’ve also heard your north-siders can often find them at the far north WeiDuoLi. Is that correct? A fruit shop on Zhan Xi Lu Just north of Wu Lan Cha Bu Dong Jie has begun selling them for roughly 15 RMB each. And I received these suggestions today via email: There is a new store – across from the wen hua shang cheng on the corner near the south gate of Nei Da. It is a knick knack import shop worth investigating.    There is also a Russian store near Guo Mao that sells excellent chocolates from time to time.  Her note reminded me that I still haven’t updated this post to include another Russian import store that has some grocery items and gifts. Interesting finds here include good chocolate, cereal, waffles and interestingly enough, Twix candy bars. This one is located on the north side of Wu Lan Cha Bu Dong Jie between Zhan Xi Lu and Zhan Dong Lu.  And the 20-something guy that works there would like to be friends with a foreign guy his age.

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