Merry Christmas, Hohhot!

I hope all who wanted to found a way to celebrate today. I tried to perk up and celebrate despite the flu ravaging my body, but that’s a post for another day. Because of the flu I haven’t left the house (or my bed really) for a few days. But, I have looked out the window and I got to thinking….I don’t ever remember a Christmas in Hohhot that there wasn’t snow on the ground. Most years I remembering it actually snowing on Christmas Day, and others there was at least residual snow from earlier snows. This year, I can’t even see snow on the Da Qing Shan. What gives? I tried to ask google to help me find the weather for Hohhot on this date for the past ten or so years, but that was a fruitless search. However, I did find this site with the weather history for the past twelve months. In summary I think the temperatures have been milder and we had much more rain than normal. I’m sorry if you’re already freezing, but either the real winter isn’t here yet or we’re getting a bit of a break this year.

So other Hohhot long-timers…how is my memory? Isn’t it odd that we haven’t had a snow yet? Do you remember having White Christmases in Hohhot? Does this winter seem warmer than years past? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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