market finds

Well, first let me tell you what I didn’t find at any of our local stores…all those Smithfield products that were there just a few weeks ago. They went from having entire cases to a couple of packages of ham. Maybe the Weiduoli at City Mall still has some but both the large stores near us have sold out with new replacements in sight.


Someone with better Chinese than me confirm, but I think those are pecans. Too bad Thanksgiving is half a year away.


IMG_20160329_135026When choosing the wipes that will be exposed to all the things that come out of my kids, I always choose the Fashion Choice 🙂  Not really, I get the cheapest one, but this made me chuckle.



  1. Guanghua says:

    Yes, the name of the item on price tag is “碧根果”.

  2. Preston Decker says:

    The Chinese is too fuzzy for me to make out, but I think they are pecans. I remember reading something last year about the fact that Chinese people are buying so many pecans that they’re driving up costs back in the States.

    Just found it:

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