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If you’ve been away for the holiday, as you return to your regular shopping routine, you may notice something like this at your local supermarket. Most of our American friends in the US weren’t very excited about a Chinese company buying Smithfield Foods in 2013, but for those of us living on this side, the case above is what that acquisition means to us here in Hohhot: US style bacon and ham readily available at local markets for local prices. The pork is not imported, but is processed by Smithfield and whatever local affiliate they’re partnering with.

Read more about that buy/merger here.

and here.

What do you think? Does the Smithfield label make you more likely to choose this bacon over another? Have you tried any or all of the products yet?

I tagged this in “stuff foreigners like” because of bacon. Am I right?


  1. Guanghua Wu says:

    Where did you these stuffs?

    • weibaili says:

      蒙辉超市 on Hailar East Road, but they’re also at the supermarket at Mo Er CHeng and the Beijing Hualian at RunYu.

      • Guanghua says:

        Thanks, Jill.
        I’ll try these though I’ve been not having processed meat like hams, bacon and sausages for a while. The advice given by the WHO made me scared. But nothing is more important than happiness, which can often be acquired by tasty food.

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