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Here’s another edition of great, helpful, odd, funny, or random things I’ve found in our fair city recently.
I’ve seen these a few places around town. Is this a legitimate Starbucks product? I’m not really a coffee drinker (although three kids have pushed me closer to becoming one than I used to be) so I don’t buy coffee often. Something just seems off about the packing in making me believe it’s an authentic product. Plus, I don’t remember seeing these in the actual Starbucks. Thoughts, anyone?

If you’d like to try them regardless of their legitimacy, you can find them at the large convenience store inside our complex, which is Ming Du Feng Jing. The store has quite a few interesting imports including Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Russian Tiramisu (and other Russian products), and random cookies and crackers and such.



Florida Marlins bedding fabric. Of course. and spelling mistakes. of course.

IMG_20150619_092951This picture is here to serve as a warning: do not buy these. I got them on clearance at a small import store near our home. I did not expect them to be “fresh” blueberries, but I should have read the Chinese more carefully. They were blueberry flavored (only not quite) dried plums with big seeds in the middle.


IMG_20151206_193838 IMG_20151206_193854
I found these at the 5-4 market (wu si shang chang) the other day. They may not be the best socks I’ve ever had, but they are close. And they are DEFINITELY the best 5 kuai socks I’ve had.


What great or crazy items have you encountered recently?  Leave us a comment.

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