looking for a house (apartment) in Hohhot

Our family is considering a move in the coming months. I wrote a lengthy post on finding a house in Hohhot last year. It’s no fun process, and I can’t imagine trying it without Chinese, so my post today is an offer of help.

If anyone else happens to be looking for a new place right now, leave your desired qualities in the comments and as I scour internet ads, get hounded by realtors, and view homes that aren’t right for us, I can pass those along to you.

Please remember, I’m a mom of two small girls first, so I’m not offering to be your realtor, but if I see something that fits what you’re looking for as we search, I’m happy to pass the contact information to you.

Also, I think that in a year’s time since I wrote the linked post above, rental prices have probably risen 5-10%. I don’t have any official statistics, just my guess from what we’ve already seen.


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