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We’ll use this page to help you find local businesses that have good customer service, that welcome foreigners and that (hopefully) speak some English. We’re just getting started with this page, so it may take some time to be complete.

Did you have a great experience somewhere? Leave us a message in the comments.




SUMBIDY means Someday U May Be Into Diversity Yourself.

My name is Yannis.  I’m an native from Washington DC and a well known photographer.  Currently residing in China. Contact me through wechat or email for setting appointments

Wechat: y2023843549

Email: 2056226747@qq.com
Legal Services:

Ying Ke Law Firm
864712356333  13804716745(Fiona speaks English)
Xihua Buliding, Fifth Floor  No.78  Xing An North Road

Agreement to Provide Legal Services for Expatriates in Hohhot Ying Ke

Price List-1 YingKe


Car Rental


Cell Phone Repair
Xiao Suo Qing xiu shou ji
Stall #2078, Cheng Xin Mansion
NW corner of second floor

business card below

doesn’t speak English, but does a fantastic job!



Water Delivery

I can’t guarantee that these will deliver to your area, but if they don’t, they can give you the number to a delivery service in your area.

Here are my thoughts on Hohhot’s water situation


delivery service for Chang Le Gong/Mo Er Cheng Area




  1. Jesse says:


    I was hoping you might be able to assist? I was in Hohhot close to 10 years ago looking at importing yurts to Australia. I have kept putting it off, but now would like to have another go at importing.
    Would you know of a good quality translator in Hohhot to assist me locating yurt/ger factories, I was helped by a University professor last time I was there, but unfortunately I have since lost her details.

    Kind regards,

    Jesse Mulholland.

    • weibaili says:

      Hey Jesse,
      Can you give me just a bit more information…You need just a translator or someone with knowledge of the industry? Chinese-English only or also Mongolian ability? How much availability do they need to have? full time job, just a few hours a week, or just for a short term while you visit? I’m fairly certain we could put you in touch with someone, but want to make sure we understand.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Jesse,

      I’m in huhhot and know much about my hometown, I just moved my family back to Huhhot from Beijing. I’d like to help you on this small research, and if possible, for a long-term job.

      Thank you

    • Adam says:

      Hi Jesse,
      I am glad to know someone who is interested in our Mongolian yurts—we call it ger in Mongolian. I would love to assist you on this issue. I am a Mongolian from Shinlingol league, Inner Mongolia; and speak pretty good English, Chinese and of course Mongolian.
      Have 2 questions for you:
      What kind of assist do you need in particularly?
      How many of Mongolian yurts you wanna import?
      Feel free to contact me at: jinmgc@126.com
      Good luck!

  2. 劳尔 says:

    我来自西班牙,想在呼和浩特开一个语言培训班,你们可以给我提供怎么样的帮助? 谢谢

    • weibaili says:

      关于开学校的事需要联系工商局。你招聘外教的时候,在这里可以做广告。 也可以用forum问别人有没有开培训班的经验。 你也可以联系上面的Law Office。他们肯定有经验。 顺祝商祺!Jill

  3. Veronica says:

    Hi there,
    Just found out this page by chance, and I am so touched that you would like to call Huhhot as “home”, just like I do.
    I have been studying abroad for 4 years, and I miss my hometown Hohhot. Your website reminds me how amazing my hometown is, and thanks for loving Huhhot. 🙂

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