Let the countdown begin!


The good new is: the heating turns on in three days! Yippee! This event seems rather anti-climatic this year as the temperatures have been above normal for this time of the year. Last year the first two week of October were pretty brutal.
For those of you who are new to winter in Hohhot, we’ll have a post in the future about some suggestions for survival.
Also just in case you don’t know, in Hohhot the public heating turns on October 15th and off April 15th (regardless of the temperature outside prior to or after those dates).

The bad news is: Unless you live in a very new, very high-end place, you won’t have a thermostat to control the temperature inside your apartment. If it’s too cold, your temperature can be adjusted by wearing more clothes. If it’s to hot, your temperature can be adjusted by opening a window. In all seriousness, there are companies you can hire to come adjust your radiators (you may see their advertisements in your elevator or stairway for 改暖  gai nuan) but to my knowledge the adjustments they can make are minimal. (If someone has had a great experience, leave the information in the comments).

If your place is cold now, just know that you only have to survive a few more days and it will get better. Until then, enjoy some hot drinks.

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