learning the city part six: more places names

The next installment of learning the city involves learning the names and  locations of the areas or neighborhoods in Hohhot. I decided to take the list  from this website which is a real estate website. I like it because it’s the only one I’ve found that you can  search by a smaller area than the city district yet a larger area than the  specific xiao qu. Anyway, their list of places is pretty comprehensive, so we’ll  use it to familiarize ourselves with the city. For the sake of the length of  each post, we’ll do fifteen per post. Some of these places are also bus stops, so knowing these names will help with navigating the bus system as well. Here  are today’s areas: I’ll post the characters, pinyin, and explanation, then a map below.
北垣街 běi yuán jiē This is an east-west road that runs along the south side of the train tracks. Along this road you can see the only remaining portion of the city wall.
润宇装饰城  rùn yǔ zhuāngshì chéng If you don’t know this place, it’s a pretty handy one to know. This is like Hohhot’s version of Lowe’s or Home Depot, only it spans almost an entire city block. Anything for home remodeling, repair or beautification can be found here. It’s on Xing An Lu just north of the train tracks and across the street from the Beijing Hualian. (There are more home repair and remodeling shops south and west (behind) the Hualian as well.
丽苑小区  lì yuàn xiǎo qū A housing development on ai min jie.
工大附近  gōng dà fùjìn The area around Gong Da (Inner Mongolia Technical University)
十九中附近shíjiǔ zhōng fùjìn The area around the number 19 middle or high school.
十四中附近  shísì zhōng fùjìn The area around the number 14 middle or high school.
巨海城  jù hǎi chéng A very large housing development in the south east part of town. It is divided into many numbered areas, so if you go to a friend’s house here, make sure you know the area number and that you’re in the right place!
竹园小区  zhú yuán xiǎo qū A housing development near the second ring road.
二十九中附近  èrshí jiǔ zhōng fùjìn Area around the number 29 school. Also the area where the air quality icon on the right gets its readings.
通道南街  tōngdào nán jiē The main north/south street running through the Hui District. This is the road the Big Mosque is located on.
县府街  xiàn fǔ jiē A road that crosses over the “river” just north and west of Da Zhao
如意广场  rúyì guǎngchǎng This is a plaza area on the east side of town.  This is another place I recommend, especially in the summer. All kinds of kids activities, sometimes outdoor concerts, food vendors, and all kids of fun without as many people as some of the other squares.
奈伦国际  nài lún guójì A large commercial building on Xin Hua Jie.
万达广场  wàn dá guǎngchǎng A large shopping center, commercial complex, and housing complex on the east side of town on Xin Hua Jie. Home to an IMAX theater and Vanguard Grocery Store.
学府康都 A commercial and residential development on Da Xue Lu west of Nei Da. The map of these locations is below. If it doesn’t display correctly, view it here.
map four


  1. Joe says:

    Interesting and useful website on Hohhot! A couple of questions for you.

    1. Do you know what are the two buildings recently built behind the Inner Mongolia Museum?

    2. I think that there is a new Art Museum somewhere in the new eastern part of Hohhot; I think on Erdos street, do you know its exact location, and if yes is it open?

    3. Hohhot used to have a team in the Chinese third division soccer league. Do they still have a team? If yes, are you aware of a schedule for 2014 games?

    4. Is there any other professional sport team in Hohhot?


  2. weibaili says:

    Thanks for writing Joe. The email may have gotten mixed up when we changed servers. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the heads up. Now, on to your questions.
    1. The building just east of the museum is the Poly Theatre. Their web address is http://www.wlqtpolytheatre.com/. The building to the north and east of the museum is a science and technology museum (I think). If Suragch sees this post, he will have more information about it and perhaps can add additional information.
    2. I don’t know yet about the new Art Museum, but I’ll do some research and post as a blog entry what I find out. There is an Art Gallery just north and west of the overpass bridge in city center.
    3 and 4. Here is the website for Inner Mongolia’s Sports Council. http://www.nmgsports.gov.cn/ I did some work with them from 2002-2004, but I know some of their sports programs have changed since then. I’m also not exactly sure how to define “professional” sports here. I would assume the provincial level sponsored teams would be considered “professional” but I’m not certain. If that’s what you mean they have basketball, a few forms of martial arts, track and field, equestrian events, wrestling, boxing, archery, soccer, and volleyball. I’m not sure how to find out about their events/competitions, but I’ll post them as I hear about them.
    Also, there is a new “professional” Mongolian Wrestling League called Hasar. They have events often. I’ll try to post when I hear of the next one. I don’t know anything about the soccer system as far as how they divide the provincial or city level teams into divisions. sorry!
    I hope at least some of my answer is helpful.

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