learning the city part four: place names

The next installment of learning the city involves learning the names and locations of the areas or neighborhoods in Hohhot. I decided to take the list from this website which is a real estate website. I like it because it’s the only one I’ve found that you can search by a smaller area than the city district yet a larger area than the specific xiao qu. Anyway, their list of places is pretty comprehensive, so we’ll use it to familiarize ourselves with the city. For the sake of the length of each post, we’ll do fifteen per post. Some of these places are also bus stops, so knowing these names will help with navigating the bus system as welll. Here are today’s areas: I’ll post the characters, pinyin, and explanation, then a map below.
光明大街 guāngmíng dàjiē : This is an east west road on the west side of the city
南马路 nán mǎlù: I’m not as certain about this one, but I think it also references the area around Guang Ming Jie.
植物园 zhíwù yuán: Botanical Garden, a park in the Hui District
八中附近  bā zhōng fùjìn: the area around the number 8 high school (zhong xue can mean either chu zhong “middle school” or gao zhong “high school” and I’m still not sure which numbers are which)
一中附近 yī zhōng fùjìn: the area around the number 1 high school
五塔寺街  wǔ tǎ sì jiē; the area surrounding the Five Pagoda Temple
锡林南路小学  xī lín nán lù xiǎoxué: the area around Xi Lin South Road Primary School
内蒙党委  nèiměng dǎngwěi: Inner Mongolia Party Committee.
大学城 dàxué chéng: “University City” This is an area north and east of the city where many universities have their campuses, or their secondary campuses. This is too far out to map, but if you take the airport expressway east, it will eventually turn north out of town and you will arrive at the “university city”
蒙校附近  měng xiào fùjìn: The area surrounding a Mongolian school.
附属院  fùshǔ yuàn: This is the hospital affiliated with the Medical University
中山西路  zhōng shānxī lù: Zhong Shan Road is one of the main shopping/eating/commerce areas in Hohhot. It runs at a diagonal south west from the old museum.
光华街  guāng huá jiē: This is an east-west street between Xin Hua Da Jie and Bei Yuan Jie
蒙幼附近  měng yòu fùjìn: “Meng You” is the abbreviation for the Mongolian Kindergarten.
工大大学附近  gōng dàdà xué fùjìn: Inner Mongolia Technical University and the surrounding area.
Click the map below to go to the map on Baidu to zoom in or out.

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