learning the city part five: more place names

map three

The next installment of learning the city involves learning the names and
locations of the areas or neighborhoods in Hohhot. I decided to take the list
from this website which is a real estate website. I like it because it’s the only one I’ve found that you can search by a smaller area than the city district yet a larger area than the specific xiao qu. Anyway, their list of places is pretty comprehensive, so we’ll
use it to familiarize ourselves with the city. For the sake of the length of
each post, we’ll do fifteen per post. Some of these places are also bus stops,
so knowing these names will help with navigating the bus system as well. Here
are today’s areas: I’ll post the characters, pinyin, and explanation, then a map
below.中银广场  zhōng yín guǎngchǎng This is a new development just east of the new Weiduoli development on Xin Hua Lu. It has a giant KTV place and apartment buildings, or maybe it’s behind them. I’m not much help on this one, sorry.南二环nán èr huán   This refers to the south section of the Second Ring Road.
公园南路  gōngyuán nán lù This is a small road on the south side of the Blue City Park. (Also called Green City Park or The People’s Park).
银都大厦  yín dū dàshà This is a large commercial building north of University Road on Xilingol Road.
盈嘉国际  yíng jiā guójì Just north and across the street from the location above. I’m not sure if this one is commercial or residential.
云鼎  yún ding. Another large commercial building.
十三中 shísān zhōng Number 13 High School
二中分校  èr zhōng fēn xiào Number 2 High School. Many say it is the best high school in the city. It was previously located just south of the old museum. Now, it is located on the east side of town. Both locations are marked on the map.
成吉思汗大街  chéngjísīhàn dàjiē Genghis Khan Road. A bit south of the north Second Ring Road.
大学东路 dàxué dōng lù University East Road. University Road is a main east-west road. Nei Da’s south gate is located on this road. East University Road is east of Zhao Wu Da Road. West University Road is west of Zhao Wu Da Road.
海东路 hǎi dōng  lù: This is the abbreviation for Hailar East Road. The “east” section of this road begins at Xing An Road.
海天花园   hǎi tiānhuā yuán : a residential area on the north side of Hailar East Road just west of Xing An Road.
阳光诺卡  yángguāng nuò kǎ/qiǎ Maps just a bit north of Gong Da. I’m not sure about this one. I’m guessing it’s  a xiao qu but I’m not certain.
铁路小区  tiělù xiǎo qū : a housing development on the north side of Hohhot
南茶坊  nán chá fang: I think this was the name of a small village that became a part of Hohhot. Now, it is the name of a bus stop and refers to the area that used to be the village.

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