Inner Mongolia Chorus Performance

Below are some photos and videos from Inner Mongolia Chorus’s performance of international music. They performed selections from China, Russia, Germany, US, Italy, and more.
There’s another showing tonight at 8 pm at the the performance hall just north of the museum. The address is on Beiyuan Road, but that takes you to the back of the building, so walk around to the front if you enter from Beiyuan. There’s a small road just north of the museum, that round will take you to the entrance of the building, which is white with holes/small circles covering the building.
Tickets are free but you have to have one to enter.

IMG_20160224_083308 IMG_20160224_083323 IMG_20160224_083646 IMG_20160224_091339 IMG_20160224_091343 IMG_20160224_092422 IMG_20160224_092427 IMG_20160224_093618 IMG_20160224_094701

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