I Miss Hohhot


My family and I are still on vacation. Sometimes being in a bigger, more developed city makes one jealous of all things that city has that Hohhot doesn’t. However, it can also bring to light all the things truly wonderful about our city. In this spirit, I present to you the following list:

Things Hong Kong has that Hohhot doesn’t (and that Hohhot doesn’t want!)

1. Mosquitoes.  Lots and lots of them. Biting me, biting my children. These pesky guys aren’t a problem in our beloved HHHT.
2. Humidity. I had forgotten what constant sweat feels like. I’m ready to be home where it’s not only cooler, but also drier…where clothes on the line dry in a reasonable amount of time.
3. Cantonese. Thankfully with either English or some Mandarin, one can get around in Hong Kong because Cantonese has more tones than Putonghua. I’m ready to be able to understand everyone (mostly everyone) again!
4.  High prices. Everything costs more in Hong Kong. I’m ready to be back in the land of taxis that start at 6 RMB and meals I can eat for under 20 RMB.
5. Hurricanes/Typhoons/Tropical storms. Whatever you want to call them, they’re bad news. They’re bad news for the folks who live here and will be truly affected by them, and bad news for those of us who are trying to fly home!

As long as Usagi allows, we hope to be back in the Blue City with you tomorrow! We’ve missed you!

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