I like the things that don’t change

Even if you only stay in Hohhot a short time, you’re bound to have the experience of some place you love (a gym, a restaurant, a road side park, a store, etc) closing, being torn down, moving, or changing locations. 
I think because things change so quickly and without notice here, I feel more nostalgic about the (few) things that are still the same as when I first moved here. I was re-acquainted with one of those things recently.

My daughters collectively had seven (yes, seven) pairs of jeans with holes in the knees like these pictured below. 

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Years ago when I moved here there were some older ladies who would sit outside the west entrance of Man Da and repair clothing. I’m rarely in that part of town, but even when I had been there in recent years, I hadn’t seen the ladies. I assumed they, too, were gone due to changes in Hohhot. Then not too long ago I was somewhere farther north on that street (贝尔路商业街)and I saw the ladies! But, even that had been quite awhile ago so I wasn’t sure if they were still there. Since I had seven pairs needing repair, I decided to go on a hunt and see if they were still there. 

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YES! They have moved north of Man Da’s west entrance and now sit outside the 永和豆浆大王 restaurant. There work is still as good, and inflation hasn’t changed their prices all that much. 

webwxgetmsgimg (83)

These ladies don’t just sew a patch, they actually re-thread the jeans. It’s about 25-30 yuan per garment depending on how many garments, how many holes, the size of the holes, etc. If you only have one, they’ll do it while you wait. If you have more, leave them and come back in a few days.

webwxgetmsgimg (86)

From father away, you can hardly see they’ve been stitched. For my seven pairs of jeans it was 200 yuan. For me that was worth the drive and wait because little sisters can keep wearing them and I can’t replace new ones for that price. 


I like keeping my old things and I love the few things in Hohhot that aren’t changing. Help me keep these ladies in business! 


I’ve also written some about how to repair other items (not just clothing) in this post. 


Do you have any suggestions about repairing items here? 


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