How savvy are you?

This article made me feel good about myself, specifically about being in-the-know about Chinese social media buzzwords.

The article gives explanations for the top five buzz words for the first half of 2015. I already knew about 3/5 so I figured that’s not too bad. The article is from a wechat public account to help foreigners learn Chinese. You can follow them at: wechat ID chinesetimeschool.

Other than the five listed in the article, what trends are you following? What big ones do you think they left off the list?

The only one I can think of not included on the list was the trend for girls (and apparently dudes with a large businessman belly) to take photos of themselves trying to reach around their backs and touch their belly button. If you don’t know that one, here’s an article about it.

I’ll embed it below, but if it doesn’t display correctly use the link above.
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