How many foreigners are there in Hohhot?


 Good question.  I get asked this all the time.  My response is also a question….what do you mean by “foreigner?”  Do you mean white people?  Do you mean anyone who is not Asian?  Do you mean anyone who is not holds a passport from a country other than China?

If one assumes we are counting all foreign passport holders my best guest is roughly 6000.

Here is how I reached that number:

English Training schools:  10ish schools with 10ish foreign teachers each=100
University teachers:  10ish Universities with 3-4 teachers each.  Some have more, some have less and we’re counting all foreign teachers (Japanese, German, Russian, English, Mongolian, etc)= 35
University foreign students:  600-700 at Nei Da, plus Hong De, Shi Da, Gong Da, Nong da=1000??
Foreign workers other than teachers=a few hundred would be my best guess.  I’m including Asian businessmen from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.
Mongolians=several thousand.  It’s my understanding they don’t need a visa if they leave every 30 days so they can just run to the border and back each month.  I know there are many marriages where one spouse is from Outer Mongolia and there are many others here working. I know most wouldn’t count them as “foreigners” because of the cultural similarities and the language and because they don’t stick out that much, but for the purpose of this  post we’re counting all non-Chinese citizens.

Again, this is nothing official, just my best guess.  What do you think?  Is my guess way too high or way too low?

What countries do you think have the largest representation here?

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