hotels in Inner Mongolia

Just a word of reminder or maybe as a PSA or something…not all hotels can accept foreign guests and we seem to be in a season of it being a bit more difficult as a foreigner to stay in a lower budget hotel.

We’ve done some traveling this summer and even a hotel in Si Zi Wang Qi where we had stayed previously turned us away this time, as did 2 others. When you’re in small Qi centers, sometimes only the largest, nicest hotel will be able to accept foreign guests.

It seems like these restrictions may be tightening in Hohhot as well. Recently while making bookings for some friends coming to visit us here in Hohhot, we had the same problem with even chain hotels (7 Days and Hanting) either truly not being allowed to house foreign guests or not wanting to go to the trouble.

Have you ever been turned away from a hotel?

Or, what is the worst, lowest-quality hotel you were allowed to stay at that maybe you wished they hadn’t allowed you to? My husband is certain he’ll win this little comparison.


  1. Preston says:

    I definitely feel for you guys on the hotel issue. In fact, I’d say that the availability of hotels to foreigners (at least in my experience) in China has decreased almost continuously since about 2008/2009. I’ve got a post on my soon-to-be-up website about Siziwangqi: in the spring I asked around at a small hotel in Siziwangqi and got quoted a price of 80 RMB, but the lady was clearly a bit nervous and said I would only be able to stay for a day or two. In Bieligutai (Abagaqi), the small hotels were all shut off to foreigners, with only the nicest hotel open, though this was supposed to only be a temporary thing.

    It’s funny how much this varies from town to town–in Mandulatu we had no trouble checking in at a small hotel, though I had to literally fill in my own registration form on the computer there.

    Quite frustrating, which is one reason I camped out both nights on my last trip north of town.

  2. weibaili says:

    Thanks for your comment, Preston. Let us know when your site is up and we’ll be sure to link to it!
    Yeah, we’ve had the same experience in Huang Qi and in Bai Qi with only be able to stay in the nicest hotel.
    And, that’s really funny that they let you behind the desk to fill in your own registration 🙂

  3. Tammy Ewbank says:

    Our friend wanted to make arrangements for us in Xhilinhot and was very embarrassed when we arrived and they would not let us stay! He was a local and did not know of these policies and even said out loud “this is 2015!” But we found another hotel which accepted foreigners! And then in Wuhan I was surprised they did not make us put up a deposit. We had made reservations on Ctrip and don’t know if this made a difference or not as it did not on our other reservation in Hohhot with them where we had to put up the deposit.

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