Hohhot’s Water Shortage

I’ll embed the full article below, but here is a link to an article from earlier in the month about the shortage in Hohhot drinking water supply. According the the headline, the shortage is already very severe and that everyday 200,000 tons of water from the Yellow River is being added to the drinking water supply.

The article explains the process of cleaning the water from the heavily polluted river and assures the public it is safe to drink.

The article ends with some small ways we can all conserve water. The author’s suggestions are:

  • rinse your rice first, use that water to wash your face, then wash your feet, then wash your socks, then use that water to flush the toilet.
  • wash your clothes, then use that water to mop the floor, then flush the toilet (first picture)
  • take a shower with your kid (second picture)
  • use rain water to wash your car (third picture)

What do you think? Is it scary to think about Yellow River water being put into the city water supply? Is water conservation already a habit? If not, will you implement any of the strategies above?
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  1. Bucktooth says:

    I’ve heard most of the well water also comes from the Yellow River’s alluvial aquifer.

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