Hohhot’s Subway Plans

If you haven’t heard, there is a subway system coming to Hohhot!

I personally have mixed feelings about it. I think it will be great when it gets finished, but am a little worried about what the process will be like until it’s finished. I also have these silly feelings like, “Ahh, my little city is growing up!” And then I want to recount all the changes I’ve seen here since 2002. Before I do that, though, I’ll give you the details about the Subway translated from my understanding of this article.  You can follow this news service by following saiwaixiaobian on wechat.

The article gives a history of what has happened with the approval process and such since 2011. At the current rates only about 20% of the population is using public transportation, but the predictions suggest that if a subway is constructed that number will increase to 35-40% and greatly reduce Hohhot’s traffic problems, especially during peak hours.

It will have five lines and the first phase (lines 1 and 2) are scheduled to be operational in 2018.

Line one will be the main east-west route from Jinshan Development Zone to the airport. Line two will be L-shaped from the Da Hei He to Xinlingol Road, north to Genghis Khan Road, to Hong Sheng Industial Park.

Line three will be northeast to southwest route. Line four: north-south. Line five will be for the southwest part of the city.

And I’ll leave you with the last line of the article as youdao translated it, “And we live in Hohhot, every one of us, will be the process of witnesses and participants.”

What are your thoughts about the subway, participants and witnesses? Leave us a comment.

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