Hohhot’s Subway

I think by now everyone has heard that the subway is coming. However, if you notice in the bottom right corner of the map, the first two lines aren’t even scheduled to be finished until 2020, and that’s if everything goes according to schedule.

I’m acutely aware of the terrible traffic situation, but I’m also not holding my breath that it will get any better for at least five years or so. Also, there’s no guarantee that a subway will fix the problems anyway. I’m not sure why people like fighting the traffic and wasting time looking for parking spots, but they clearly do and just because there’s a subway doesn’t mean that everyone will stop driving.

What do you think? Will it fix the traffic situation? Will it make it worse in the waiting time? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.


For more information you can follow Hohhot’s subway official wechat account at hhhtdtcom. (the above photo is from there)

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  1. Guanghua Wu says:

    To honest, I never expected anything from news about the subway.
    You are right that it is scheduled to be finished in five years, and that’s if everything goes according to their plan.
    I think the traffic congestion in Hohhot is not a result of too many vehicles on road, but the result of terribel traffic management. Some bad driving habbits which were caused by the poor managment make things worse. The municipal managment and development of a city need highly qualified professionals of designing, maintaining and updating. And time is also needed. I don’t see these in Hohhot. To me subway construction is just a form of infrastructure investment, which is typical in China.

    By the way, thanks for sharing the wechat account but “hhhtdtcom” is not the official account. This is also very typical phenomenon here. Some people use a sensational title to start a wechat account so that they can lure followers. With reasonable numbers of followers, they can either broadcast ads or just sell the account. I really doubt there will be an offcial account, judging from my experience(I worked in government for four years).

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