Hohhot’s Air Quality

See how Hohhot’s Air Quality compared to other Chinese cities in the first half of 2015.The full article is below, but the place names are in Chinese so I’ve listed the factors relating to Hohhot and Inner Mongolia here.
The first list is the provinces/ARs of China listed in order from worst to cleanest air. Inner Mongolia is number 24 of 31 total, making us in the top third.

Next is a list of Inner Mongolia’s leagues and how they rank, again from worst to best. Here’s the list:

  1. Tongliao
  2. Wuhai
  3. Baotou
  4. Bayinnor
  5. Wulanchab
  6. Chifeng
  7. Hulunbeir
  8. Alxa
  9. Xingan
  10. Hohhot
  11. Ordos
  12. Xilingol

(Please note there are alternate spellings for most of these places).


And once again, there are much worse places to live in China than in Hohhot.

The article ends with beautiful pictures and the bright blue skies of Inner Mongolia. 🙂


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