Hohhot was voted #1 city for….

…any guesses?

The best city for growing old. I’m not sure who voted or what factors determined the rating, but you can read the article in Chinese below and see the other top ten cities.

Do you agree? Is Hohhot deserving of this distinction?

I think it’s a place that still holds more traditional values than the big coastal cities, so I can see it getting this vote in that regard, as the young here still feel an obligation to care for elderly relatives. However, I’m surprised considering the climate of Hohhot that Chinese people would think such a cold place is a good place to grow old.


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  1. Guanghua says:

    You’ve got ti get used to all kinds of absurd NO. 1s on this land. Yes, you are right that we have to know who were the voters.
    Coldness is one of the issues. For the elderly, service from the council and medical care are also essential.

  2. biggberd04 says:

    I think all you have to do is look at the source (an Inner Mongolia website) to figure out this one. An honest rating wouldn’t have Hohhot in the top 40 for the elderly,

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