Hohhot Mugs

We’re increasing our Hohhot gift selections for the approaching summer months. Whether you live here but are going home for a visit this summer and need to take some gifts to family and friends, or you’re passing through our city this tourist season and want a souvenir to remember your time here, we hope you’ll like these mugs we’ve designed.

There are two styles and two designs available.

Design options

Hohhot in many languages


Yurt design with “Hohhot” in Mongolian (web address will be removed)

yurtHohhot for site

Style Options

Standard mug  40 RMB:


Plastic tumbler with lid  60 RMB:




These can be picked up at the monthly expat exchange or delivered to you home/hotel for a minimal additional fee.

Purchase a standard mug

Design Choice

Purchase a Tumbler with lid

Design Choice

Send an email to asiajudds@gmail.com to request a discount for orders of multiple products

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