Hohhot bike rental


A new “spin” on an old version of transportation. (like the pun??) Hohhot’s getting 50 public bike rental stations! I will include the original language below, but I think this is what’s going down: There are plans for 50 stations, but they are introducing the program by starting with 3 stations. (I saw one of the corner of Zhao Wu Da and Wu Lan Cha Bu). The article lists locations at the swimming pool east of the train station, at Shi Da, and anther location I’m not familiar with. You get a bike with a 210 RMB deposit and and ID card and then the bikes are one RMB per hour, not to exceed 10 RMB/day. You get your deposit back when you return your bike to any station.
Hohhot’s Sanitation Department will be in charge of security and maintenance of the bikes and they’ve already begun training. The project has just begun, but in the end, the plan is to have 2500 bikes available.
Happy biking, everyone!


  1. Heu Jen Ying says:

    Where can I register to use the Hoh Hot public bicycles.

    • weibaili says:

      I think the place is just east of Xing An Lu on Guang Hua Jie (north side). However I think it is only open once a month and the lines are terribly long. But, I’ve also heard sometimes they won’t let you get a card with a passport (must have shen fen zheng) but it probably depends on who is working. Somewhere I have a picture of the place, I’ll try to post it in the future.

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