Hohhot Government Offices: Useful Phone Numbers

This list has circulated on Chinese social media. I confirmed a few for accuracy and translated the list here for you. The link to the original in Chinese is below the table. Not all of these places are that useful for foreigners, but some are so I have included them all.

Office/Agency Address Phone
身份证补办大厅Shen Fen Zheng Administration 户政大厦,海东路华辰大厦西
赛罕区市民服务大厅Saihan District Service Lobby 南二环路东影南路交叉路南 8989966
市人民政府办公厅Municipal Government Office 世纪五路和世纪一路交叉口 4505200
昭乌达路春华水务大厦三楼 6621377
市司法局Municipal Bureau of Justice 新城区光华街电动巷2号 4978677
市规划局MunicipalPlanning Department 新华东街12号市规划局 4613250
市发展改革委员会MunicipalDevelopment and Reform Commission 新华东街市党政办公大楼854室 4606322
市公安局Municipal Police Station(This is where your visas are processed) 呼市敕勒川大道一号 6699100
市城管执法局Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau 石化路炼油厂生活区东100米 5665301
市土地收储中心Municipal Land Center 呼和浩特市新城区丁香路6号 4670246
市卫生局Municipal Sanitation Department 呼和浩特市城建大厦8楼 4606908
市社会保障局Social Security Administration 新华东街奈伦国际B座1713房间 5181228
市工商局Business/Commerce Bureau(business registration, licenses, and permits) 丰州路南二环交汇处东北角 3266692
市教育局Education Bureau(approves student visas, register schools) 新华大街1号市政府11楼1173室 4606415
市民政局Civil Affairs Bureau 新华东街奈伦国际B座20楼200 5181050
市农牧业局Agriculture Bureau 鄂尔多斯大街迎春巷3号 5964009
市房产局Real Estate Bureau 东二环9号房地产市场交易中心 6201442
市人口计生委Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission 新华大街市党办公大楼843室 4606615
市国税局Tax Bureau 赛罕区鄂尔多斯东街35号 5218887

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